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115 S. Broadway, Lowell, MI 49331 (616)897-9264
For over one hundred and twenty years, the King Milling Company has been dedicated to producing quality wheat flour products for our customers. Located in Lowell, Michigan the King Milling Company sits on the west bank of the Flat River. Since our founding in 1890, the King Milling Company has increased its capacity from 39,000 lbs. of flour per day (390 cwt) to roughly 1,300,000 lbs. of flour per day (13,000 cwt). In addition, the King Milling Company has added a whole wheat mill which itself produces 400,000 lbs. of whole-wheat products per day.

From the early days of the millstone to the automated processes that are now in place, the King Milling Company has strived to stay ahead of technological advances. In today's world, automation usually means a loss in the personal aspect of the company. Not so with the King Milling Company as we strive to make serving our customers and community our top priority.

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